Flower-de-Luce Books  The Attac and Defence of Fortified Places - by John Muller - The 1757 Second Edition - with Notes by David Manthey  Passage across a dry ditch
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The Attac and Defence of Fortified Places

Table of Contents

Terms used in this Book


Stores requir’d for a Month’s Siege
Investing Place
Circumvallation Line
Bridges of Communication
Gates and Sally-Ports
Park of Artillery
Line of Countervallation
Preparation for the Attac
To Construct the Attac on Paper
Properest Place for making Attacs
Opening the Trenches
Batteries placed before the first Parallel
Construction of Batteries
Lodgment on the Glacis and taking the Covert-way
Attac of the Covert-way Sword in Hand
Batteries on the Covert-way
Descents and Passages over Ditches
Attac of the Ravelin
Attac of the Bastion
Mines under the Bastion and Ravelin
Attac of a Crown or Hornwork
Attac of a Second Covert-way
Attac of Detached Redouts
Attac of Lunettes, Tenaillons or Counter-Guards
Attac of Cavaliers
Attac of a Fauss-Bray
Attac of Tower Bastions
Ramparts without Bastions, in the ancient Manner, and covered with out-works in the Modern
Attac of a Place on an uneven Ground
Attac of a Place on a Hill
Attac of a Place near a Great River
Attac of a Place near the Sea
How to prevent Succours being thrown into a Town Besieged
Remarks on the Defence of Lines
Raising a Siege
Attacs of Forts, Castles or Houses
Surprising large Places
Taking a Place by Escalade
Remarks on Places taken by Surprise
How and when a Siege may be accelerated


Troops and Ammunition requir’d in a Fortification to make a good Defence
Line of the Counter-approach
Retrenchments and their Figure
Defence of the Counterscarp
Defence of the Passage over the Ditch before the Ravelin
Defence of the Passage over the Ditch before the Bastion
Defence of the Bastion
Defence of the Horn or Crown Work
Defence of the 2d Ditch and a 2d Covert-way
Defence of the Lunettes, Tenaillons and Counter-Guards
Defence of the Fauss Brays
Defence of a Place Fortified with Tower Bastions
Defence of a Place Accessible on one side only
Defence of a Place on a high Hill
Defence of A Place situated near a River
Defence of Small Places
Precautions a Governor should Use in Time of War
Of Capitulations


Definitions of the several Mines
Making of Galleries and Chambers
Manner of loading and stopping Mines
Powder necessary to charge Mines with, to produce the desir’d effect
To charge Mines according to M. de Valliere
To charge Mines according to the Author’s new Theory
The Manner of directing Galleries
Of the different Sorts of Mines
A Table of the cube Boxes to hold the Charge of Mines

NOTES by David Manthey

Introduction and Biographical Note
About this Reprint
Units of Distance and Mass
Mathematical Symbols
The Equation of Mines
On Gunpowder
Reading Maps
A Lexicon of Fortification


There are 25 plates from the original distrubted throughout the text and 7 new plates with the notes.

The Attac and Defence of Fortified Places · by John Muller · with Notes by David Manthey
ISBN 1-931468-18-4 · Copyright © 2004 by David Manthey · 6x9", 329 pages, 32 plates of figures.

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