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Reprints of classic techincal works.

The Attac and Defence of Fortified Places

The Attac and Defence of Fortified Places

A reprint of the 1757 second edition

by John Muller, with modern notes by David Manthey
ISBN 1-931468-18-4 · Copyright © 2004 by David Manthey · 6x9", 329 pages, 32 plates of figures.

The Attac and Defence of Fortified Places was the definitive guide for conducting and withstanding sieges in the 18th century, strongly influencing both field generals and city governors. It details the strategies used in virtually all of the European and American wars of the time. John Mullerís work draws heavily on Vaubanís solid foundation of the 17th century, expanding and updating it to include 18th century innovations and tactics.

Notes by David Manthey include a short biography of John Muller, an explanation of 18th century gunpowder and maps, and a modern description of the computations used for mines. Also included are corrections to and observations on the text. A complete lexicon of terms clarifies the text and provides additional details.

A Treatise of Mathematical Instruments

A Treatise of Mathematical Instruments

A reprint of the 1775 third edition

by John Robertson, with modern notes by David Manthey
ISBN 1-931468-11-7 · Copyright © 2002 by David Manthey · 6x9", 284 pages.

A Treatise of Mathematical Instruments contains a complete description of a range of tools that are useful in mathematics, surveying, architecture, navigation, drafting, gunnery, physics, and illustration. It covers the sector (a form of calculator that predates the slide rule), the gunner's calipers, the proportional compasses, and a variety of lesser instruments.

Modern notes include a biography of John Robertson, commentaries on some of the examples, and brief commentaries on mathematical perception, architectural styles, land measurements, and navigational methods.

The Practical Surveyor

The Practical Surveyor

A reprint of the 1725 classic text

by Samuel Wyld, with modern notes by David Manthey
ISBN 1-931468-06-0 · Copyright © 2001 by David Manthey · 6x9", 244 pages.

The Practical Surveyor is an instructional book on how to perform field surveys. This is not a textbook, but, as its title suggests, a practical guide. It includes descriptions of the tools of the trade, explanations on how to use the equipment, a detailed account on keeping field notes, instructions on drafting the results, and techniques for calculating the area and other quantities of the surveyed land.

Modern notes help clarify references, analyze the accuracy of the methods, and provide a lexicon of words.

Heath and Wing - 1765 Catalogue of Instruments

Heath and Wing Catalogue

A list of instruments for sale in 1765

Available online · Modern notes copyright © 2002 by David Manthey · 5x8.5", 16 pages.

Heath and Wing were manufacturers and sellers of scientific instruments and books. This is their catalogue, as found in the back of a surveying book from 1765.

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