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Card Back Contest

Have I not here the best cards for the game, to win this easy match played for a crown?

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Each month we will be holding a Card Back of the Month Contest. Submit your favorite card back(s) made with Carte Primus. The author and others will select the back (or set of backs) that they like best, based on graphics quality, visibility, originality, invertibility (does it look good upside down?), etc. The winner will receive a free T-shirt.

You can submit your entries either via email (if your email supports sending files) or by mailing a diskette with the cardback to the address on the main page.

Please include your name, address, and T-shirt size (currently available are Medium, Large, and Extra Large. These sizes run a little small). It would also be good to include the source of the image on the card back(s) and whether it can be distributed. We'd like to post your card back here for others to see and use.

Email submissions may be uuencoded and/or pkzipped if desired. Submissions by U.S. mail will only be returned if return postage is included. Enter as often as desired.