Carte Primus

A Shareware Cribbage Game

Let a beast be lord of beasts, and his crib shall stand at the King's mess.

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Carte Primus is a cool cribbage game with many features. The program runs in gorgeous 16-bit color (if your computer has it, otherwise 8-bit), with sound (a SoundBlaster or compatible if you have it, or the PC speaker). Download now.

You can create your own card backs from BMP, GIF, JPEG, PCX, PPM, TGA, or TIFF files. At the lower right, the title screen shows a set of card backs which includes a picture of oak woodgrain (the upper card), and a scanned photograph (the lower card). The program includes complete functions for card back arrangement and set layout. For example, the arrow controls near the card backs are used to scroll through card backs and card back files. When playing, all the card backs in a set are assigned randomly to the cards in the deck. These are shown whenever the appropriate card is face down. Also take time to see the card back gallery.

The Title ScreenA typical cribbage game in progress, showing a set of card backs with pictures from the Roman ruins.

The cribbage game uses the created card backs, as shown in the jpeg file. Options include:

  • Three different skill levels for the computer's discard and for the computer's play. If its still too hard or easy, a handicap can be given to the computer and/or player. This can also be used for shorter games.
  • Learning aids, including playing suggestions, score explanations, and keyboard shortcuts.
  • User specific settings. You can have your favorite settings without disturbing your significant other's.
  • Optional automatic functions. If you have to go, you have to go...
  • Continuous track or Classical style boards. A numerical score display is also available.
  • Automatic scoring, manual scoring, or muggins.
  • A multi-game balance, keeping track of just how well you've done over any number of games.
  • Male and female voices which can be used for the computer, the player, and general information.
  • For more information on cribbage, either download the program, or see the page on cribbage statistics.

    Download the Game

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    Select here to download the latest version of the program. CPRIMUS.ZIP
    If you have trouble downloading the program, you might try getting it from here.

    After downloading, unzip and follow the directions in the README.TXT file. (To unzip a file, you need either PKUNZIP made by PKWare, WinZip, or a similar utlity.) For DOS, this is just unzipping to your chosen directory and typing CP.

    Processor386 or better.
    Memory4 Mb RAM, 1.4 Mb hard drive (or floppy).
    GraphicsSVGA with at least 300 kb. Must support VESA BIOS for 640x480x256 mode. Looks better in 640x480x65536 mode.
    SoundOptional. SoundBlaster compatible, or can use PC speaker.
    MouseNot required, but makes things easier.
    Operating SystemHas been tested with DOS, Windows 3.x, and Windows95. See the FAQ if you have any trouble.


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    U.S.Mail: David Manthey P.O.Box 27 Troy, New York 12181-0027

    Please email comments, suggestions, and requests to

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  • Page last updated on 8 October 2001.

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