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VESA is a standard method of accessing video memory. Almost all PC-type computers produced in 1994 or later have built in VESA compatibility. Computers built prior to this time usually rely on a driver to make them VESA BIOS compatible. If Carte Primus gives the error message "Super VGA graphics are not supported. VESA BIOS mode 640x480x256 required.", you need a VESA driver.

The VESA standard includes both support for 640x480x256 graphics (mode 0x101) and for 640x480x65536 graphics (mode 0x111). If your graphics card supports 16-bit color, but Carte Primus only uses 8-bit color, a new VESA driver might fix this problem.

It is best to get a VESA driver from the company that made your video card. So saying, this is often difficult to locate. Here are some links to some VESA drivers, some utility programs, and the VESA standards home page.

VESACHK.EXEThis is a somewhat cryptic utility program which lists all available VESA modes. This is a DOS program written by the author of Carte Primus. You can email us for more information about this program.
UNIVBE51.ZIPThis is the VESA Standards official Universal VESA driver. It allegedly works with most video cards. This is a shareware program located on the SimTel server. To find the UNIVBE51.ZIP file, you'll have to do a search in the MS-DOS section of SimTel.
UNIVESA.ZIPThis is a much older, apparently freeware version of the Universal VESA driver. It works on some cards UNIVBE fails on, but won't work on other cards.
TLVESA.ZIPThis is a driver specifically for graphics cards which use the Tseng Labs ET chip. It won't work on anything else, but neither UNIVBE nor UNIVESA work with these cards.
PKZIP.EXEPKZIP is a great utility put out by the PKWare company. It's used to compress and uncompress files.

If you still can't get VESA graphics to work with your machine, try contacting the VESA Home Page.

Mouse Driver

Thou wilt be as valiant as the wrathful dove or most magnanimous mouse.

If you use Windows 3.x or Windows95, the mouse may not work with Carte Primus. This is because no mouse driver has been installed for DOS modes. To solve this problem, download the driver listed below.

MOUSE.ZIPThis is a standard generic mouse driver. To use it, unzip it in the root directory, then add the line C:\MOUSE.COM to your AUTOEXEC.BAT file.

Note: No warranties can be made regarding any of the programs mentioned on this page. The author only wrote the VESACHK.EXE program. No tech support is available for other programs. You can ask questions, but we might not know the answers.