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This page contains update information for Graphic Viewer and for this web site.

18 December 2003: Update.

  • Graphic Viewer version 1.12 fixes a few bugs, adds spiffing options (contrast improvement options), rotation options, improved sorting, and better support for extremely large images.
  • 7 January 2002: Minor update.

  • Graphic Viewer version 1.10 fixes a few bugs and adds more features for working with multiple image files.
  • 27 July 2001: Minor update.

  • Graphic Viewer version 1.08 can now read some slightly invalid CCITT Group 4 TIFF files.
  • 29 January 2001: Update.

  • Graphic Viewer version 1.07 has a few minor bug fixes and some additonal options:
  • Support for progressive JPEGs.
  • Support for Group 3 and Group 4 TIFF files. These are the formats used with faxes and with some GeoTIFF files.
  • Removed 3000 strip limitation in the TIFF reader.
  • The setup file now defaults to having 'Sole Process' turned on for faster results.
  • There is now a 'Keep' option in the GIF save options. When selected, the previous image is not removed in animated gifs (so that only the changes need to be appended to the existing GIF file).
  • Note that the help file has not been updated (and please don't ask what happened to version 1.06).
  • 17 June 1998: Minor update.

  • Graphic Viewer version 1.05 adds support for pasting metafiles containing pictures, such as those pasted from Word.
  • 4 January 1998: Minor update.

  • Graphic Viewer version 1.04 adds optinal bilinear interpolation when scaling images.
  • 24-bit images can now be dithered on 16-bit displays.
  • Fixed a bug which occured when spaces were present in some file names.
  • 19 August 1997: Minor update.

  • Graphic Viewer version 1.03 improves handling of corrupted JPEGs.
  • 8-bit and 24-bit cursor and icon files are now supported.
  • Many dialogs have been adjusted to look better under Windows 95.
  • Fixed a minor bug which occured if the previews were sorted while thumbnails were being created.
  • 19 July 1997: Minor update.

  • Graphic Viewer version 1.02 improves long filename support for Windows95.
  • 12 May 1997: Can now accept credit card orders.

  • Graphic Viewer version 1.01 fixes two minor bugs, plus allows online and phone credit card ordering. See the order page for details.
  • 1 May 1997: Initial release.

  • Graphic Viewer version 1.00 is now available to the public. Download now.
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