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Graphic Viewer is a shareware program. You may use it for free for 10 days, after which you are legally required to pay for it.

Graphic Viewer can be purchased for $30 (U.S. currency). You can order by mail or the web.

Web OrdersPaypalCredit card orders can be made by sending David Manthey ( $30 via Paypal. See Paypal for instructions.
Mail OrdersDavid Manthey
P.O.Box 27
Troy, New York 12181-0027
Check or money orders only. Please use the order form. Also address any questions or inquires to this address.

Regardless of how you order, you will be provided with a registration code to turn off the shareware message in the program. You will also have the right to use this and any future shareware versions of Graphic Viewer.

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For further information, write to David Manthey at or at P.O.Box 27, Troy, New York 12181-0027.

Lightning image by Cori Prazen. GV icon by Benjamin Manthey. Page last updated on 27 July 2001 by David Manthey.

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