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Orbital Viewer

Orbital Viewer - Download

Download Orbital Viewer for Windows 95/98/NT 4.0/2000/ME/XP/3.1x (3.1x requires Win32s). 600 kb. This includes a simple help file. Versions for other operating systems are available on the programs page. Last updated 14 September 2004.
Download OV.PDF, a complete help file in Acrobat format. 1800 kb. This includes orbital equations and a section on imaging mathematics. Last updated 14 September 2004.
Download EXAMPLES.ZIP, the .ORB files for each and every example in the PDF file. 74 kb. Last updated 10 July 2000.

Please note that the Orbital Viewer program is provided for FREE, without any warranty. This program is the result of many, many hours of work, and I (David Manthey) would greatly appreciate an email ( if you enjoy it. Questions, suggestions, and bug reports are all welcome.

Orbital Viewer - Features

Draw Any AtomAny atom with the principal orbital quantum number, n<=30. See the Grand Table.
Draw Any MoleculeAny molecule can be formed using Linear Combination of Atomic Orbitals (LCAO). This includes all hybrid orbitals.
Three Types of RenderingPoint probability plots, polygon surface plots, and raytracing (both probability and surface plots).
AsymptotesShow the locations where the probability goes to zero.
Translucence and Index of RefractionSometimes you can see the orbital structure better if the orbital is partially clear.
AnimationsCreate AVI files or sequences of TIF, PPM, or BMP files.
StereoRed-blue (anaglyph), stereogram (SIRDS), stereoscope, LCD shutter glasses, Chromadepth, and overlay.
CutawaySee the interior of the orbital.
LightingLight the orbital from any location. Cast shadows.
File FormatsSave TIFF, PPM, BMP, AVI, and VRML files.4f0.wrl

Orbital Viewer - News

14 September 2004: Orbital Viewer 1.04 released: the colors used in red-blue (anaglyph) stereo images can now be changed. The help file and manual have also been updated.

10 April 2002: Orbital Viewer 1.03 released: added output option for Digistar files.

8 October 2001: Rearranged the site slightly. I also switched web hosting companies, which means the old ~cprimus address will no longer work.

10 April 2001: Orbital Viewer 1.02 released: the program now prevents multiple copies from running, has a progress bar when compressing AVIs, and has two minor bug fixes. Plus there are some changes to the install program.

10 July 2000: Finally posted the examples from the manual.

11 April 1998: Orbital Viewer 1.01 released: two minor bug fixes. OV.PDF updated: minor typos fixed.

1 March 1998: Orbital Viewer 1.00 released. OV.PDF first posted.

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