2003 Campaign - Miscellaneous

The following items are all somehow related to the 2nd Albany County Militia, Schuyler's Company, or our group under some other guise. Credits are listed individually.

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Little German Flatts

Most of these pictures were taken by Brad using my camera.

A line of Butler's Rangers Johhny D. and myself I'm about to go get whacked Some indians attack me With predictable results
The small battle unfolds
More of the battle Ann and Samantha John and myself in the trees

The Bateau

The two photographs were taken by myself before and after the sea trials. The map is of the maiden voyage of the bateau (with some approximations).

Fort Ticonderoga - Grand Encampment

I'm not sure who took the first three photos. The ones from the water were taken by myself.

Milice du Jour Monica More milice
Fort Ticonderoga viewed from a bateau

Fort Niagara

I only took this one photograph.

Harry and Mary


Here are some pictures of a reproduction of the Schenectady Historical Society's Liberty flag. The reproduction was made by myself, David Manthey, and took far, far more effort that I would have liked.

Ogdensburg Founders' Day

The following pictures were taken by Bob Downey of Ogdensburg. He took the pictures on Saturday and gave us copies of the prints in the evening. He graciously also gave us permission to post them here.

Stockade Walkabout

The following pictures were taken during the Stockade Walkabout. This was an excellent day trip in the bateau.

Brad and Richard asleep on the dock in Schenectady Brad and Richard sleeping next to the bateau The bateau at the dock

Old Stone Fort

I only took this one photograph.

Chris, Fred, and John


This photograph was taken by Jennifer and Kevin Richard-Morrow.

Steven Schuyler's gravestone. If you squint hard you can almost read something

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