2005 Campaign - Miscellaneous

The following items are all somehow related to the 2nd Albany County Militia, Schuyler's Company, or our group under some other guise. Credits are listed individually.

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Mabee Farm Encampment, May 2005

These pictures were taken by Bob Allers.

Greg, Will, and Reb sitting at the camp kitchen Reb taking a ladle from Kevin. Greg and Earl on the sides The DeSager and Bobbie G pulled up on the muddy bank, with the crews milling about in the mud
Alex the savage enjoying a post surgery snack. Jim Freddel sits by, with Dean in the background

Sailing on Oneida Lake

These pictures were taken by Bob Allers.

The pennant and sail of the bateau while sailing to windward Myself steering the bateau under sail Kevin acting as a bowline

Bake Oven at Fort Johnson

This picture appeared in the July 24, 2005 edition of the Schenectady Gazette.

I'm placing a coffee cake into the bake oven on Saturday, July 23.

Fort at 4

These pictures were taken by William Manthey in early August.

Schuyler's Company forming up Outside the fort Maggie and crew
Maggie and crew Indian encampment
South end of fort

These pictures were taken by Anita Morrissey of Goodwin's Company.

Schuyler's Company cannon crew in motion at Fort #4 Schuyler's lounging in Fort #4 Mary and Harvey Mary, Osinski, and myself

Cannons at Lake George

I took these photographs of firing three cannons in battery on the shore of Lake George, Sept. 17, 2005.

Preparing the cannon for night firing on the beach of Lake George Goodwin's Company and their cannon with Schuyler's Company in the background Goodwin's Company on their cannon Three cannons being served Three cannons being served
The far cannon just as it is touched off Maggie going off at night Residual sparks burning in the air Serving the cannon Goodwin's gun going off
Serving the guns A cannon going off Resisdual sparks from the far cannon The far cannon going off Serving the guns
Goodwin's cannon going off Serving the guns Maggie just as the touch hole is ignited The far cannon just as it is ignited Trailing sparks

Stockade Walkabout

I took these photographs as we rowed from the Stockade Walkabout back to the Mabee Farm, Sept. 24, 2005.

Lego Model of the DeSager

My friend Soze made this model of the DeSager. I like it.

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