Photograph Gallery - Cobleskill, 2003

These are pictures from the battle of Cobleskill (Cobuskill), the reenactment of which took place at the New York Power Authority's pumped storage facility in Gilboa on 31 May 2003 and 1 June 2003. Up through the dance was on Saturday and includes parts from the unscripted tactical. Sunday's action was the scripted reenactment, which went quite well despite small numbers due to rain. All of the pictures were taken by my father with my camera.

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Troops returning from the unscripted tactical More troops returning An officer on horseback Myself and Reb after a long hot battle Horses and soldiers
A few ladies in front of the sutler's tents Indians as they leave the field Troops leaving the field British troops leaving the field The highlanders leaving the field
Savage's artillery leaving the field Troops and colors leaving the field A few British troops practicing their drill The committee of safety Loren dancing with Lexi
Mom helping Reb prepare for the dance A very low light picture of Reb at the dance A very low light picture of the dance Mom walking across the field A bunch of us standing around near the fly
Reb trying on a new hat Dan and Mom looking out at Schoharie Creek The patriots walking toward their starting point The patriots form a small line at one end of the field The loyalists begin to approach
The loyalist eye the patriots The patriots at the far end of the field are firing volleys Brown's company of militia have moved up slightly Now Patrick's company in the 6th Mass. advances The patriots continue to advance
What's left of the militia is at the make ready Close up of the troops The remnants of the militia marching Backs of the militia and line troops Preparing to volley
Just fired, cocking firelocks Some of the loyalists crouch behind trees The Continentals charge bayonets Loyalists and dead patriots A skirmish line of loyalists from the back
The loyalists approach the house, where some resistance still lurks Lots of loyalists Dead patriots The loyalists approach the house A Continental rushes from the house, shooting
The Continental lies dead Checking to see if there are any left alive The loyalists own the field Kevin and Ken are pleased with a good day's work Looting the dead
The loyalists have the field

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