Manthey's Photograph Gallery

A collection of photographs taken by or associated with David Manthey.

Unless otherwise noted, all photographs taken by and copyright by David William Manthey. Click on a photograph to see an entire page of photographs related to that subject. The different images are arranged approximately in reverse chronological order.

Scotland - 2015 The Big Row 11 - Mabee Farm The Big Row 10 - Ogdensburg
Miscellaneous photographs The Big Row 09 - Plattsburgh The Big Row 08 - Lake George Paris Honeymoon Wedding - November 10, 2007
The Big Row 07 - North to Kingston Campaign 2008 - Miscellaneous Greece Vacation - September 2007 New Cannon Carriage - 2007 New House - Before Purchase
The Big Row 06 - Battle Island Campaign 2006 - Miscellaneous Campaign 2005 - Miscellaneous The Big Row 05 - Rogers Island to Vergennes The Big Row 04 - Rotterdam Junction to Kingston
Campaign 2004 - Miscellaneous The Big Row 03 - Rotterdam Junction to Rogers Island Campaign 2003 - Miscellaneous Carleton's Raid 2003 Cobleskill 2003
Battle Road 2003 Schuyler's Company Winter Garrison at Niagara 2003 Saratoga 225th Anniversary Campaign 2002 - Miscellaneous Western Erie Canal solo canoe trip journal
Dad and Mom's Motor Trip 2002 The Battles of Trenton and Princeton 2001 Old surveying instruments Champlain Cruise solo canoe trip journal Rabble in Arms - Lake Champlain Maritime Museum 2001
Abercrombie's Fleet (recreated) Confluences I have visited (offsite at the Degree Confluence Project) Grand Encampment of the French and Indian War 2001 Schuyler's Company Winter Garrison at Niagara 2001 Troy to Lake Ontario solo canoe trip journal
Grand Encampment of the French and Indian War 2000 Wrangell-St. Elias National Park journal Isle Royale National Park journal Katmai National Park journal Brief descriptions of different parks and locations I have visited

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