Manthey's Photograph Gallery - Miscellaneous

A collection of photographs taken by or associated with David Manthey.

Unless otherwise noted, all photographs were taken by and are copyright by David William Manthey. Click on a photograph to see a larger version. The different images are arranged approximately in reverse chronological order.

The quilt my Mom made as a wedding present for Heather and myself
The quilt my Mom made as a wedding present for Heather and myself Lunar eclipse in totality, 20 February 2008 The moon with Regulus above it and Saturn to the left, some motion blur The lower limb of the moon coming out of the eclipse
The lower limb of the moon coming out of the eclipse The decorated porch Jack-o-lanterns Jack-o-lanterns we carved for Halloween 2007
Details of a very neat binding on a Dutch ledger book used in Schnectady, NY from the 1740s by Johannes Harmanus Wendell, NYSA call number SC12910. Color balanced from my original photographs
Cannons on the gun deck of the U.S.S. Constitution Pixel the cat, upsidedown Ben walking atop a pipeline Sunlit ridge above a frozen stream and cool bridge Silhouette of a tree and rocks along Dinosaur Ridge, Colorado
Ben, Dan, and Michelle on Dinosaur Ridge Fossil beach Strata along Dinosaur Ridge Detailed shale surface Crepescular rays above the Front Range
The Half Moon docked in Albany A train on the trestle near Mechanicsville, NY Skye A dog track Fort Baldwin and the mouth of the Kennebec River, Maine
An old Pierce Arrow at the Fourney Transportaion Museum The wheel of a car at the Fourney Transportaion Museum The Connecticut River, about five miles south of the Bellows Falls dam The dog Foster My friend Barb and her dog Foster, on the Brothers Trail in the Adirondacks
An injured falcon I brought to a raptor rescue facility, 6/18/01 The same falcon 75,000 cfs of water coming over Cohoes Falls along the Mohawk River Waterwheels at the Saugus Iron Works The dome where Reb lives
Deer skull found by Skye and hung on Reb's wall Seen while snowshoeing near Maine's Western Mountains Tree along a canal spoils area on the Mohawk River near Vischer Ferry Preserve Arial view of the Plains, Thanksgiving 2000 My brother Ben, my sister Reb, and myself, all with Osprey backpacks
Small bird that dove into a rushing stream in Colorado Rocks in Redfeather Lakes, Colorado, Thanksgiving 2000 The view from Vicars Island in Lake George Along the river at the head of Northwest Bay in Lake George My campsite on Pine Island in Lake George
My sister Reb and her dog Skye, canoeing off Valcour Island, May 2000 Somewhere in Colorado A work boat in the Thames Boathouse along the Avon River A duck
A church in Warwick, England Stairs in an ice house at Warwick Castle Flowers in the Queen's Rose Garden A fishpond at Warwick Castle A railing on a hotel in Banbury, England
Zach's Land Rover plowing through the mud Panzhihua, China The shadow of a train along the Chinese countryside Lightning seen from my apartment A lizard in Guadalupe Mountains National Park
An old mine in Guadalupe Mountains National Park Tree branches in Guadalupe Mountains National Park Lake Richie, Isle Royale National Park The fire tower on Stratton Mountain Bear sow and cub in Katmai National Park
Sandstone formation in Bryce Canyon National Park At Saratoga Battlefield National Historical Park Mount Sergeant Robinson in Alaska Mom and Dad Mom and Dad

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