Winter Garrison - 2001

These are pictures from the Schulyers Company Winter Garrison at Fort Niagara in March, 2001. The first five were taken by John Borst. The remainder were taken by David Manthey.

Those present were Sergeant Major John Osinski, Sergeant Kevin Richard-Morrow, Corporal Steve Crawford, Private Harvey Alexander, Private David Manthey, and the indian John Borst. In photo descriptions, people are always listed left to right.

At our ease in front of the Castle. Harvey, David, Steve, and Kevin.

On the march. Kevin, Havey, David, and Steve in line. John O. leading.

Making ready.


David in front of the northern redoubt. We stayed on the second floor of this building.

The northern redoubt viewed from across the parade.

The northern redoubt in the evening sun.

The old French Castle.

An interior hallway of the Castle.

The chapel on the second floor of the Castle.

The western end of the Castle roof.

Brash ice in Lake Ontario.

The southern redoubt, the provision storehouse, and the old magazine.

John B., Steve, and John O. heading to the postern gate.

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