Rabble in Arms - Lake Champlain Maritime Museum - 2001

Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, Sunday 26 August 2001

Unless otherwise noted, all photographs were taken by and are copyright by David William Manthey. Click on a photograph to see a larger version.

These pictures were taken either on the Philadelphia II or at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum. Those with reeanctors are part of the Rabble In Arms event where a full crew of 44 people sailed the Philadelphia II, including spending the night on her. The other photographs are of a post and beam building that is being constructed around an old marine engine. The Lake Champlain Maritime Museum is well worth visiting.

I didn't take many pictures of the reenactment, mainly because I was too busy rowing, handling lines, and enjoying myself. Kris Jarrett has many more photographs here.

Captain Erick, his wife, and little daughter at the cook tent. Crissy, the helmsman, smiling in the foreground Reb seated on the 12 pounder talking with one of the other crew members The mast and main yard of the Philadelphia II Reb in the supports The helmsman, Crissy, walking along the supports
Seating a beam Handing up the big hammer End on view of the process Tapping the corner into place Tapping the center into place
Pounding in the pegs

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