Photograph Gallery - Carleton's Raid, 2003

These are pictures from the Rabble in Arms event at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum and at Vergennes, Vermont. This was the 225th anniversary of Carleton's Raid on Vergennes, and was held from August 22 to August 24. All of the pictures were taken by David Manthey.

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Captain Eric shortly after we began sailing the Philadelphia II Krissy the helmsman The crew before the mast The sail. Even on a small ship such as this, the sail is impressive Reb with a mouthful of nuts
The heavily overloaded bateau Skweade, captained by Craig Russell Another view of the soldiers being transported by the Skweade Two other laden bateaux All of the bateaux served as troop transports
The bateaux were reasonably varied The Philadelphia II preparing to leave dock An unladen bateaux in front of Vergenne's falls The bateau Perserverence with Craig in the foreground The Philadelphia II in front of the falls
The Philadelphia II in front of the falls Dale and Kris watch Sunday's battle Captain Eric stands at the sidelines The women and children flee The homestead begins to burn
The British walk by the smoldering homestead The fire is fuel rich
The buildings are consumed
The buildings collapse
Not much remains The British fall back in good order
The British seen through the smoke The Americans chase after the British

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