The Big Row

Rotterdam Junction to Rogers Island, September 2003

The following pictures were taken either by myself, Jennifer Richard-Morrow, or my sister Reb.

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Reb and Kevin rowing into the mist at the start of the 'Big Row' In Lock E-8, Kevin holding the rope Finally under sail Myself at the steering oar Reb and Kevin rowing toward Guard Gate 1
Guard Gate 2 closing Fenders out in Lock 6 Toss oars in Lock 6 Oars in Lock 6 Sun set in the Flight of Five
Basket of stuff and the water jug in the bottom of the boat At the helm under sail Approaching a bridge in Mechanicville In Lock C-3 In Lock C-3
Almost at the top of Lock C-3 Raising sail Sail up Sailing out of Lock C-3 The crew rests while I steer
The railroad bridge near Mechanicville Jen in Lock C-4 The crew in Lock C-4 Jen climbing out to the Lock 4 canal park The bateau tied to the upper lock wall
Lock C-4 full of water The bateau looks small tied to the wall Reb and Jen take a rest Reb and Jen on the lower gate Under weigh by oars
Brad eating some jerky A science vessel The crew rests while I steer Willard Mountain in the distance A bald eagle in a tree
Saratoga National Historical Park's sign on the river Reb steering Lock 5 dumping water The submerged dam above Lock 5 More of the scary submerged dam
Distant old bridge abutments Brad and myself sculling A load of soldiers on Saturday's battle We watch the British troops The British troops on the battlefield
The British are pushing the French The two dories Our bateau with the battle in the background

The following pictures were by either Joe Craig or Eric Schnitzer from Saratoga Battlefield National Park.

We approach Saratoga National Park under sail Continuing under sail We approach Sailing by Getting ready to row
Under oars and sail Departing Almost out of sight

The following pictures were mostly taken by Jennifer Richard-Morrow.

The Buffalo tied up at Waterford Myself and Brad loading the bateau at Waterford Jen, myself, Reb, and Brad standing in front of the bateau. Taken by the crew of Scenario Setting out from Waterford, Thursday morning Cliffs on the east side of the Hudson River. I'm sure there is something wrong with the color balance
In Lock C-1 In Lock C-1 Rowing out of Lock C-1 Rum call Snack break; Reb's eating
A distant view of the beaver lodge with a satellite dish Passing barge under tow Under easy sail Myself steering The end of the upper lock wall (probably Lock C-3)
Jen squinting as she adjusts the larboard sheet Myself grinning at the steering oar A strange round 'blockhouse' Under sail Under a bridge under sail

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