225th Anniversary of the Battles of Saratoga

The following photographs were taken at the 225th Anniversary of the Battles of Saratoga. This took place in Fort Edward, New York on October 12 and 13, 2002. All of the photographs were taken by my father, William Manthey.

The photographs are roughly in chronological order, though the first day is a jumbled.

Click on a photo to get a larger version.

Reb extracting lobster meat. Battle in the distance. The battlefield. Battle in the distance. Battle in the distance.
Battle in the distance. Troops lined up People on the battlefield. The back of Ten Broek's Battalion. More of Ten Broek's. Kevin facing the troops.
The American army formed up. More troops. Some artillary on the move. An officer passes on horseback. The American army.
Troops marching. The front of the column. The army heading out. A few mounted men. General Gates and his staff.
The battle with thick smoke. Dan and Mom talking with Monica. An injured soldier at the hospital. Distant troops. Distant troops.
Our drummer Alex in the hospital. Our drummer Alex in the hospital. Troops forming for the second battle. The American army begins to form. A view of the camp.
Part of the artillary park. The battlefield with the camp in the distance. The British army and camp. The armies are beginning to field. Armies and camps.
British troops on the march. A column of British. Lots of men. The battle is forming. Troops maneuvering.
The British. The American army advances. Skirmishes in the distance. More of the army has engaged. The fog of war.
The British are being pushed. The Americans advance. The British give up some ground.

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