Manthey's Photograph Gallery - Scotland, October 2015

These photographs were taken on Heather and my trip to Scotland in October, 2015. Click on a photograph to see a larger version. The images are in chronological order.

All photographs are copyright by David William Manthey.

Edinburgh castle from a distance with the base of a statue framing it The Scott Monument from a distance Heather at the base of a stairway A row of houses with stairways to their second floors Statue of a knight near the entrance to Edinburgh Castle
Mons Meg, a huge barrel-staved canon Three stone cannon balls for Mons Meg Arthur's Seat seen from the castle An arch connecting two buildings Ceiling of the great hall. Impressive wooden beams and paintwork
Eavesdropping hole in the wall A church spire seen behind a row of houses Heather in front of the Greyfriars Bobby statue Greyfriars cemetery and kirk A tree in Greyfriars cemetery
Interesting arched central spire of St. Giles Cathedral Stormtroopers in kilts Arched ceiling in St. Giles with bare stonework Arched ceiling in St. Giles with painted area Roses at the junctions of an arched ceiling
Wrought iron thistles on a chapel screen Thistle rosettes on an arched ceiling Angel playing bagpipes Wider angle view of the thistle chapel Carving of an elephant
A curious clock sticking out from a building The ruins of Holyroodhouse Abbey An aisle and vaulting in the ruined abbey A turret on the side of the palace Flying buttresses along the ruined abbey and notches for the roofs of the side chapels
A crown-shaped decoration on top of Holyroodhouse palace Heather at the top of some stairs with the Nelson Monument in the background The astronomers' house on Calton Hill The National Memorial, a weird half-finished columned structure Victorian actors
The Old Royal High School, an abandoned building Edinburgh Castle from below The Forth Railway Bridge The Forth Railway Bridge The Forth Railway Bridge
The ruins on the island beneath the bridge The ruins on the island beneath the bridge South Queensferry A decorative metal fence with the Forth Bridge behind it The Forth Railway Bridge
Heather and myself with the Forth Bridge in the background The outside of Rosslyn Chapel with an open side door A carved water spout An arched door with fancy hinges Buttresses along the side of the chapel
Sheep speckles in fields Sheep speckles in fields Melrose Abbey A grand arched window Inside a spiral staircase
A bell tower with worn steps Trees and the churchyard cemetery The ruins from the cloister side Pig playing bagpipes gargoyle A view very near Scott's View of a fine valley and distant hills
Heather and myself at Scott's View A ruined rose window at Dryburgh Abbey Heather at the top of the stairs A ruined wall against the sky A strange obelisk with a recessed figure
A strange obelisk with a recessed figure Myself at the top of the stairwell from a distance Jedburgh Abbey An ornate doorway An ornate doorway
Arches and ruins Looking up through the main tower Looking along the length of the inside of the abbey Heather smiling The interior of the abbey
Pleasant carved capitals The main mass of the ruins of Kelso Abbey A new vaulted ceiling Smailholm Tower A black slug
Smailholm Tower Trigony House Hotel Caerlaverock Castle The moat around Caerlaverock Castle Looking up one of the gatehouse towers
The courtyard buildings Looking up a round tower Caerlaverock Castle from outside Caerlaverock Castle from outside Culzean Castle
Tropical plants in the garden Decorative arms -- swords, pistols arranged very carefully An oval staircase with columns An ornate ceiling Lots of copper pots in the kitchen
An indoor camp kitchen The castle wall and a hillside across the bay A decorative greenhouse with Heather in front; much smaller than the map suggested Lazy swans in an island in the swan pond A distant railway viaduct
A tenement house in Glasgow at night An impressive municipal building in Glasgow Glasgow cathedral viewed from the necropolis A red door on a tomb in the necropolis A blue door on a tomb in the necropolis
A gravestone that looks like it has a winged screw on top A pleasant row of trees near the necropolis A large building, possibly St. Mungo's hospital Glasgow Cathedral Heavy columns with arched vaults
Arches The barrel-vaulted wooden ceiling A high wooden balcony Carved panels in the dining room in the Burrell Collection Carved panels
Heather outside of Kelvingrove Museum A beautiful coffered ceiling inside the museum Loch Lomond Cloud shadows on a hill A waterfall on a hillside
A waterfall on a hillside A very conical mountain Heather and myself on the Bridge of Orchy Heather with some heather The hotel and Bridge or Orchy with a neat hill and clouds behind it
A small brook through the turf A gate on the West Highland Way Loch Tulla Sunlight between mountains The Coe Falls
The Coe Falls The Three Sisters The view from our hotel window on Loch Leven Flowers in the hotel garden The Jacobite engine 62005 from the front
Heather near the Jacobite engine The drive wheels A pretty loch The front of the train from the window The Glenfinnan viaduct
A train snow plow at Glenfinnan Station A loch and hillside viewed from the moving train The front of the train A loch near Mallaig A dog on a picnic table
Hills and lochs Rocks in the water A white church A curious stand of trees on a small island (tilted) A rocky hill
The front of the train The Glenfinnan Viaduct The train on the Glenfinnan Viaduct The train on the Glenfinnan Viaduct with pretty clear views The train on the Glenfinnan Viaduct
The train on the Glenfinnan Viaduct The Glenfinnan Viaduct from the ground Our rental car on the ferry Hills against the water Selfie of Heather and myself
The Skaebost Hotel Entrance to the souterrain Inside the souterrain Cliffs in the Trotternish area Turfy tablelands that end in a cliff
Heather hiking Person silhouetted on a ridge The trail to the Quiraing Sheep A rocky hill with grass on one side
A rock-strewn hillside The trail Fantastic landscape below A grassy gully The trail back
A small ridge of rock and turf The Needle and cliffs, Heather small in the foreground The Needle Myself standing on a rock A notch in the rocks
Cliffs The edge of the cliff A small lake Cliffs and lakes The Table
Grass covered rocks Grassy rugged land Looking back at the cairn. On my morning walk on the Waternish Peninsula The ruin of a crofter's hut The ruin of a crofter's hut with the cairn in the far distance
A long view back to the cairn across the heather moor The broch A very square rock The wall of the broch The wall of the broch with the sea and a headland in the distance
The remains of the passage in the broch A stone wall, probably the remains from the 19th century A pool in the burn A sheep that followed me for a bit A very sketchy bridge across a burn
A fern-lined burn A headland in the sea The Cuillin mountains with the Sligachan River in front Heather and myself on the Sligachan Bridge Eilean Donan Castle at low tide
Heather and a stone stairway The stone bridge to the castle Heather and I in a stone alcove Eilean Donan Castle from the north Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness
A partitioned hillside. Not only the fields, but the trees are partitioned A tree on Loch Ness A little bird Benches and ruins The corner of a tower
Yellow flowers in the hotel gardens Speckled flowers A curious flowering plant The hotel seen through the garden wall Poppy that is an unusual color
Plant with 'hairy' stems and flower parts A cascade of flowers Purple berries in red flowers Spotted flowers Hairy cows behind a fence near Rothiemurchus
The funicular track The other funicular in the fog The side of Dunkeld Cathedral Arches and blue sky Heather on a bench near the River Tay
Heather and myself taken with a wide angle lens at arms reach Bridge over the River Tay Bridge over the River Tay

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