Ten Crucial Days - The Battles of Trenton and Princeton - 2001

Trenton, Saturday 29 December 2001 and Princeton, Sunday 30 December 2001

The following photographs were taken by William Manthey, Daniel Manthey, Reb Manthey, or Christopher Sewall using a variety of cameras. Newspapers were scanned by David Manthey. Click on an image to see a larger version.

These pictures were largely taken by my father and brother, and therefore are subject to their whim of the moment. I only identify a particular person or unit if I think I know the subject of the photograph. Additional information is welcome.

All newspaper images are scanned from The Times of Trenton. These are from the Saturday, 29 December 2001 edition.
Page A1. Columns about reenactors and food. Page A7. More on food, plus a map. Page A8. Schedule of events, plus more on reenactors.
All newspaper images are scanned from The Times of Trenton. These are from the Sunday, 29 December 2001 edition.
Page A1. 'Savoring the strike that saved a nation' Page A10. Various photographs. Page A11. Cool photo of Hessians. Artciles on Hessians, Blacks, and accuracy. Page A12. Conclusion to front page stories

The following pictures were taken with my Dad's digital camera.
A Durham boat approaching the New Jersey shore. A boat being fended off of some rocks. Soldiers preparing to disembark from a boat. Soldiers disembarking. One boat heading to New Jersey, and a second returning for more men.
Officers walking along the shore. Another boat approaching the shore. Men landed, formed up, and marching. The front of the main column on the march to Trenton. More men marching to Trenton.
The column on its way to Trenton. Men on the march. More marching. A small skirmish line beginning to engage in the first battle of Trenton. An American cannon crew.
A line of soliders. A cannon having just been fired. General Washington on his horse. Smoke from a volley. A haphazard looking front line.

The following pictures were taken with my camera and scanned from slides.
A boat crossing the Delaware River. The Pennsylvania shore. There really isn't enough light for the camera. The New Jersey shore. The first group of soldiers starting to march. The rear of the first group of soldiers.
Another boat crossing. A Durham boat under weigh. On the march to Trenton. This is the van of our company. Kevin, myself, and Reb on the march. Harvey is cleverly obscured by Kevin. Reb looking down the column.
The courtyard of the Old Barracks. The sutlers' tents. A blacksmith at work behind the Old Barracks. A cannon crew lounging before the battle. Soldiers on the march in the first battle.
A cannon being hauled. One of the horsemen attached to Greene's Division. Hessians marching out at the end of the first battle. The American column at the end of the first battle. Harvey, myself, Reb, and Kevin in front of the Masonic Temple.
A nicely lit building with an advancing army. Hitchcock's company. We're in the second platoon. A sharp volley from the first platoon. The street fighting approaches Mill Hill Park. The British trying to hold the bridge during the second battle.
A few horse just before the battle of Princeton. The van of the American army. The American army partly arrayed. The beginning of the final troop review. General Washington and some liberty-man.

The following pictures were taken with Reb's camera during the Battle of Princeton.
Two horsemen on the way to the battle A horseman at the head of the troop review Part of the American column The British column More British

The following pictures were taken by Christopher Sewall of the 1st Ulsters. The pictures he sent are higher resolution than what I have posted.
The entire company lined up after the first battle of Trenton The line at Princeton

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