These are pictures from the Schulyer's Company of New York Provincials Winter Garrison at Fort Niagara in February, 2003. Pictures were either taken by David Manthey or John Borst.

All of these pictures were taken on Sunday morning. All signs of the beer-a-mid have been digitally removed.

As usual, click on a picture to see a larger version.

A view out of the doorway of the redout where we spent the weekend. The Castle across the windswept parade. The weather was perfect. The redout where we stayed. The flag was difficult to raise in the morning due to frozen lines.
Another view of the redout. Private Manthey takes a walk. The wind coming off of Lake Ontario was brisk. Inside the lower floor of the redout. Kevin and David clean the cannon.
More cannon cleaning. The cannon silhouetted against the door. Waves and blowing snow. More waves. Kevin tiptoeing home.
David Morgan points out the lovely surfing opportunities of Lake Ontario. Crisco and 'Kraut. I'm not sure what this implies, but somehow it looks wrong.

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