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Manthey, Engineer

My best friend Ted and myself have started our own company, Hitchcock-Manthey, LLC.

I have several papers published in engineering journals. Primarily, these papers are on measuring strain (the amount of stretch) in sheet metal parts. I also have one patent, and belong to several professional societies.

Manthey, David, "18th Century Ligatures and Fonts",, November 2001 A brief set of guidelines the use of ligatures in 18th century documents. This is available online in HTML and in PDF format.
Manthey, David, "General Least-Squares - Direct Solutions and Bundle Adjustments",, December 1999 A general discription of the least-squares method with a completely worked example. This is available online in HTML and in PDF format.
Manthey, D.W., E.M. Hitchcock, D.A. Prinn, and D. Lee, "Innovations in Video Acquisition and Processing Methods for Visual Databases", Proceedings of the 19th Annual Interservice/Industry Training Systems and Education Conference, December 1997, pp. 543-553. An article discussing a more efficient way to create models of real objects for use in simulators.
Prinn, D., Manthey, D. W., Hitchcock, E. M., and Lee, D., "Improved Methods to Reproduce 3-D Surfaces of Objects", Proceedings of the International Body Engineering Conference (IBEC): Body Assembly and Manufacturing, September 30-October 2, 1997, Vol. 30, pp. 73-80. An article discussing a way to measure auto body panels using unstructured light.
Prinn, Douglas A., David W. Manthey, Edward M. Hitchcock, and Daeyong Lee, "SurfaceGen: A PC-Based 3-D Surface Reconstruction System," Proceedings Numérisation 3D - Human Modeling Conference, May 28-29, 1997. A technique for measuring surfaces using a patented target process and unstructured light.
Manthey, David W., Rebecca M. Pearce, and Daeyong Lee, "The Need for Surface Strain Measurement," Metalforming, Vol. 30, No. 5 (May 1996), pp. 48-54. An article explaining how measuring the stretch in sheet metal helps fix forming problems.
Manthey, D. W., and D. Lee, "Recent Developments in a Vision-Based Surface Strain Measurement System," The Journal of The Minerals, Metals, & Materials Society (JOM); Vol. 47, No. 7 (July 1995), pp. 46-49. This paper is available online from JOM. It shows a truly portable system for measuring surface shape and strain.
Manthey, D. W., R. M. Pearce, and D. Lee, "Portable 3D Data Acquisition Technology for Computer Image Generation Visual Databases", Final Report for SBIR Phase I Contract No. N61339-94-C-0058, Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD), Orlando, FL, February, 1995. A report on the feasibility of using video cameras, GPS (Global Positioning Satellites), and other equipment to construct flight simulator and shiphandling databases.
Manthey, David W., Keith N. Knapp II, and Daeyong Lee, "Calibration of a laser range-finding coordinate-measuring machine," Optical Engineering, Vol. 33, No. 10 (October 1994), pp. 3372-3380. A clever way to calibrate a laser-based 3D surface scanner, simplifying hardware setup.
Manthey, D. W., R. M. Bassette, and D. Lee, "Application of the Latest Technology in Surface Strain Analysis for Metal Stamping Problem Solving," Total Process Improvement: PMA Technical Symposium Proceedings 1994, Vol. 4, pp. 397-409. More on strain measurement.
Manthey, D. W., and J. P. Farhat, "Comparison Between Steel and Aluminum Strain Rate Effects," Proceedings of The PRESSTECH International Conference & Exposition, October 18-21, 1993, pp. 323-334.
-- also published as --
Manthey, David, and Joseph Farhat, "Comparing Steel and Aluminum Strain Rate Effects," The Fabricator, April, 1994, pp. 36-38.
The speed at which metal is stretched affects how far it can be deformed before breaking.
Manthey, D. W., R. M. Bassette, and D. Lee, "Comparison of Different Surface Strain Measurement Techniques Used for Stamped Sheet Metal Parts," Proceedings of International Body Engineering Conference (IBEC) : Body Assembly & Manufacturing, September 21-23, 1993, pp. 106-111. Verification that computerized strain measurement is valid.
Kapij, M. I., D. W. Manthey, and D. Lee, "The Development of Knowledge Based Systems to Solve Metal Stamping Problems," Best Manufacturing Solutions: Proceedings of the PMA Technical Symposium 1993, Vol. 3, pp. 67-76. More on strain measurement.

U.S. Patent 5,642,293

Method and apparatus for determining surface profile and/or surface strain
This desribes how to automatically calibrate a camera for measuring the surface of an object. More information is available via the U.S. Patent Office web site and here via the IBM patent server.

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