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  • Download SETUPGV.EXE Now. (580 kb)
  • Download just the executable. This contains everything needed to run, but lacks the installer, the help, and the start-up screen. (335 kb)
  • To use Graphic Viewer, download the file SETUPGV.EXE. This can be done by right clicking on either of the above links. Run the program SETUPGV.EXE. This will install the Graphic Viewer program, including a complete help file.

    If you are running Windows 3.x, you will need the Win32s extension. This allows 32-bit programs to be run from Windows 3.x. It can be obtained here. Additional information on the Win32s extension can be found here.

    Graphic Viewer is a Shareware program. This means that you may use it for a period of 10 days, after which you must register it. See the order page for more details.

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