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The same high-quality image reading and writing routines in Graphic Viewer are also available as a library which can be linked to your own programs.

GVLIB.LIB is a library of C routines which provide image loading and saving. The library is available for the Symantec C compiler and for the Microsoft C compiler. All routines are 32-bit C functions.

The different routines are:

LoadBMPRead a file (or memory area) to a DIB. The file can be any of the 10 formats Graphic Viewer supports.
SaveBMPSave a DIB to a file. All file save options in GV are also available in this save process.
DepalettizeBMPConvert a DIB to 24-bits.
PalettizeBMPConvert a DIB to its optimal 8-bit palette or to a specified palette.
BMPPaletteCompute the optimal 8-bit pallete for a DIB.
ScaleBMPCreate a new DIB by scaling an existing one. This can either be by duplicating pixels, or by bilinear, biquadratic, bicubic, biquartic, or biquintic interpolation. Scaling can be performed using either area, point, or block transforms.
LoadGraphicThese routines are the same as the BMP routines, above, except that they all work on a simple "Graphic" format, which is faster and more efficient that the Windows Device Independant Bitmap (DIB).
BMPToGraphicConvert a DIB to the "Graphic" format.
GraphicToBMPConvert the "Graphic" format to a DIB.
BitmapToBMPConvert a Device Dependant Bitmap (and palette) to a DIB.

Email for more information, prices, and documentation for GVLIB.LIB. GVLIB is already integrated into three other programs besides Graphic Viewer.

Please note that in order to use LZW compression in GIFs and in LZW style TIFs, it is necessary to obtain a license from the UniSys Corporation, which holds a patent on this process.

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