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Graphic Viewer is a small, lightning fast shareware image display program for Windows95 and Windows 3.1. For a less verbose feature list, click here.

SmallGV is under 300 kb. This leaves more room in memory for your images, speeds up loading, and works well on even small systems.
File FormatsGV supports BMP, CUR, GIF, GROB, ICO, JPG, PCX, PPM, TGA, and TIF format images. Files do not even need the correct extension for GV to recognize and read them. See below for more details on different formats.
Multiple ImagesFor all file formats which support multiple images, GV can view or create any of the images. This includes cursor and icon files, GIFs, JPEGs, and TIFs.
Animated GIFsCreate animated GIFs for use on the internet. Delay between images and number of times to repeat can be specified. Use the Append or Batch Append functions to create multiple image files. This animated GIF is of an atomic orbital.
TransparencyTransparency colors, inverse colors, and hotspot locations can easily be specified by clicking on part of the image. No need to use color index numbers, the transparent areas are shown in white.
Drag and DropDrop a file on GV and instantly view it.
Twain SupportObtain images from scanners, digital cameras, and any other TWAIN compliant device.
Slide ShowShow all of the images in a directory, or all of the images in an entire directory tree. Using the Slide options, all the images on a hard drive can be viewed in any order.
CategoriesPut each image in any of 30 user defined categories. Images can then be selected for viewing based on the category. For example, if there were images in a House category and in a Car category, only the images which have houses but not cars can be shown.
PreviewShow a thumbnail image of every file within a slide show. GV also can create preview images suitable for accompanying uploads to usenet news groups. Previews can be sorted using a variety of options or rearranged manually.

File Formats
BMPWindows Bitmap. GV can read all BMP files. Store 1, 4, 8, or 24-bit files. Set DPI and file type (12 or 40). Optional RLE compression.
CURWindows Cursor. GV can read all CUR files. Store 1 or 4-bit files. Set DPI, transparency, inverse color, and cursor hotspot. Force image size to 16x16 or 32x32, or any size up to 255x255.
GIFCompuserve GIF. GV can read all GIF files. Store interlaced or non-interlaced files. Set delay time, repeat count, transparency, and file type (GIF87a or GIF89a). Create animated GIFs.
GROBHP Graphic Object. GV can read all GROB files. Store ascii or binary files. Create multi-shade files and adjust gamma. Force image size to 131x64, or use any other size.
ICOWindows Icon. GV can read all ICO files. Store 1 or 4-bit files. Set DPI, transparency, and inverse color. Force image size to 16x16 or 32x32, or any size up to 255x255.
JPEGJPEG. GV can read all baseline, extended, and progressive JPEG files. Store greyscale or color files. Set DPI, color decimation, and image quality. Complete control over image quantization parameters.
PPMPortable Pixel Map. GV can read all PPM files. Store 1, 8, or 24-bit ascii or binary files.
PCXPC Paintbrush. GV can read 1 and 8-bit PCX files. Store 1 or 8-bit files.
TGATarga. GV can read all 24-bit TGA files. Store uncompressed 24-bit files.
TIFTagged Image File Format. GV can read all baseline, LZW, Group 3, and Group 4 TIF files. Store 1, 8, 24, or 32-bit files, including both greyscale and palettized files. Set DPI, endian, and strip size. Specify LZW, LZW with prediction, RLE, or no compression.
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For further information, write to David Manthey at or at P.O.Box 27, Troy, New York 12181-0027.

Lightning image by Cori Prazen. GV icon by Benjamin Manthey. Page last updated on 29 January 2001 by David Manthey.

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